• Estate Planning A necessary discussion

    Estate Planning A necessary discussion

    It’s never too early to start your estate plan and have the conversation with your family. Read our Report that can help you prepare to have the talk today!

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  • Your Future is In Good Hands

    Your Future is In Good Hands

    Our goal is simply to help you live your dream - and we’ll do it with experience, passion and a commitment to an unrivalled client experience.

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  • Retired couple cycling

    What is Your Retirement Plan?

    Take Control of Your Retirement Income is an eBook that outlines what to consider when it comes to determining how much income you will need in retirement.

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  • Is Retirement closer than you Realized?

    Is Retirement closer than you Realized?

    If you plan to retire within the next 10 years, there are number of decisions to be made today. We'll create a practical approach to making your retirement dreams come alive.

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Bringing over 25 years of experience to provide you with sound, reliable financial advice to help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind.
Redsell-Seguin & Associates

Our clients know they can rely on:

  • a defined, consistent approach to financial planning 
  • a commitment to a long term relationship
  • a clear & transparent map to execute your financial plan
We're happy to discuss our value added offering with you and illustrate how it compares to the various other options in the market.
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Key Reasons To Invest In a TFSA

Key Reasons to Invest in a TFSAJust seven years after it was launched, the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) has emerged as a leading investment channel among Canadians. According to the latest figures from the country’s Department of Finance, more than 10.7 millon1 Canadians – accounting for about 42 percent1 of adult tax filers – have TFSAs. Click here to read full report

The Value of Financial Advice

The Value of Financial AdviceGrowing, protecting and transferring your wealth requires a good plan - one that will be suited to your needs, goals, aspirations, circumstances, lifestyle and life stages. Learn how we can help you!
  • Somebody’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

    - Warren Buffet
  • Fear has a greater grasp on human action than does the impressive weight of historical evidence.

    - Jeremy Siegel